Hi, I’m Tanya RutherfordCoach, Faciliatator, Speaker, L&D Specialist, Creative Leadership, Change Management

Leadership is about making an impact!

For me, being a leadership facilitator is all about helping others discover how easy and rewarding it is to use their leadership potential in all facets of their lives.

I’ve been working with managers and leaders in the development space for the past seven years. In this time I’ve designed and delivered training packages, coached and mentored, and even organised a couple of immersive leadership events! What I have found each time is that it really does come down creating an experience to help each individual person to realise their potential, in order for them to achieve their potential! And I don’t just mean their leadership potential in the workplace: but their personal, professional and socially responsible selves!

Leadership and Social Change

Social change isn’t about planting trees or feeding the homeless – although it can incorporate this. It’s about taking responsibility for our actions and discovering opportunities to make a positive impact in our personal, professional and social communities. In other words, its about leadership! I love incorporating elements of social change (it’s all about the people!) and brain based learning into developing amazing leaders!

Organisations turn to me when they don’t want to waste time, money and morale on training “interventions” which don’t work. Especially when it is important to engage with the team members and make sure that change happens effectively, positively, and is inclusive.

As a leadership and change professional, I make sure I understand what you want to achieve – for yourself, your team or your organisation – and I help make that happen. I work with teams and with the individuals to make sure their journey is the one they want to take. Most importantly, I help people to recognise that change can be exactly what they are looking for!

I love these interactions, and I love sharing my insights and knowledge with others. As a result… I get results!

I’m looking forward to sharing ideas, stories and inspiring change with you!

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