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Procrastination VS Motivation

– 2 sides of the same coin?

I’ve been wondering about this lately, for a number of reasons. One of the reasons is that in one of my businesses (Learn2Learn) I write a lot about Motivation, but on the other hand, here in my Coaching business (TMRutherford) I focus on overcoming Procrastination as a key barrier to our success. Surely if you are Motivated, you won’t be Procrastinating!?!

Well that’s not actually the case is it? I know I can be really passionate and motivated about something, and yet really struggle to get over procrastination in at least some areas of my life… Certainly when we are highly motivated we are less likely to procrastinate – we are in the zone and just making things happen… any smaller barriers and discomfort get swept away in the moment but is that a sustainable state?

Let’s break it down for a moment:


  • Driven by passion/ strong positive emotions and vision of the future (Heart Centric)
  • Strong Drive/ Activity (Gut Centric)
  • Creative problem solving (Head Centric)
  • Internal and/or External influence


  • Relates to subconscious fear, doubt, discomfort, low energy  (Gut Centric)
  • Low Drive/ Alternative Activity (Gut Centric)
  • Negative Self talk / avoidance thinking (Head + Body)
  • Internal influence


So perhaps we could say, that if our heart isn’t in it we are going to struggle to keep on track.


Sometimes we might feel highly motivated and excited about a particular project that we want to take on. That might even be an amazing opportunity to change careers or starting our own business. And yet… we feel something holding us back. Well that, my friends, is our body telling us “be careful…. Change is dangerous…. We know this and it (sort-of) works for us…. If we do this <something bad> will happen…. It sounds great, but what will really happen? We’ll lose <money, status, relationships, respect, etc>….We won’t belong anymore…. It is SAFER to keep things as they are…”  That feeling translates itself into our negative self-talk, a sense that it is all too hard and we should “give up”, or our unspoken inclination to do other things “instead”…

Our defense mechanisms which might have kept us safe in the past by maintaining the status quo, in today’s era hold us back from not just risks or challenges, but also from opportunities and achievements.

We need our Motivation to keep going (and Goals give us the direction for that action), AND we also need to be aware of our Procrastination triggers – so we can understand where they are coming from and make an intellectual decision, not just a gut reaction.

  • Which one are you stronger in? Building and keeping motivated, or dealing with your procrastination?
  • And which one would you like to strengthen? How will you do this (and when)?


If you want to build Motivation – perhaps check out this free video/workbook program: https://learn2learn1.teachable.com/p/free-intro-get-brain-ready

If conquering your Procrastination demons is more your thing – here’s a free worksheet to get you thinking: https://mailchi.mp/cfea3393088e/tmrutherford-conquer-procrastination

Would love to hear how you go!