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Discover a new experience - Transform one day at a time!

October & November | Online


Have you ever heard of Breath work, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping), Visioning…  and perhaps wondered how they felt, what they did, and even what they are? This is your golden opportunity to find out!

Join us for a live experience!

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About Discovery…

Each Discover session is a live, tailored opportunity for you to experience different transformative modalities.

Perfect for the beginner, we start each session with a quick introduction to the particular modality, and answer any questions you may have before beginning the practice.

Discovery can’t be rushed, so please allow time after the session to reflect, write, and allow the experience to integrate. With breath work in particular, we recommend avoiding strenuous activity or driving immediately after.

Each session will be approximately 30min, with time afterwards to share, ask questions, write, and reset.

When you register, you will receive an email with connection details and what you will need to bring. We will also email you about future events, which you can opt out of at any time.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Transcript - Welcome to the Discovery Transformation sessions

Hi, I’m Tanya Rutherford, I’m your host here at the discovery transformational series. 

I’ve put this series together essentially to help provide an opportunity for you to discover some of the things that might be holding you back, whether it’s in your personal life, in your business, in your career, or even in your relationships, and really, to uncover some of the things that… behind the frustrations behind that not moving forward on things.

One of the modalities that we’ll be exploring is breath work. In this case, it’s an activating breath. So it’s very much about activating your whole body, energetic, emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual, all those different facets of ourselves. It’s a really great one to help uncover things that are holding us back. And to sort of also push through some things that might be just giving us a bit of trouble. And perhaps we can unravel those and start moving in a direction that is feeling much more fulfilling, and much more positive in our day to day lives. Now, this is only a short example that we’ll be doing, we’ll be spending between 20 and 30 minutes on the actual activating breathwork itself. And that’s because it is just an introductory at this stage. So making sure that you’re feeling safe and secure before you look at going into something a bit more intense and a bit longer.

One of the other modalities we’ll be exploring is Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT. Now this is a great one for just releasing little things that are holding us back and also unraveling things as we go. In this case, we’ll be looking at releasing some things that might be holding us back might be getting us feeling stuck in our day to day. And it’s a very simple process, I’ll be taking you through step by step I’ll be with you all the way through as I am with all of these to support you answer any questions you might have. Tapping itself is quite simple. And I’ll walk you through the steps. So we start with this point here, make sure I can see on the screen. So we start with the side of the hand. And we then work through different points on our body. As we go through, we’ll be talking through what might be holding us back and allow our body to kind of release those emotions, it does work with pressure points, which is how it has a whole of body effect for us.

And one of the other things we’ll be doing is visioning. In this case, it’s going to be a specific visioning of your next year. So a great one to do at this time of year because it gets ready for letting go of the year that has been and looking at what we’re going to set ourselves up for, for the coming year. So a great one to do before you do any kind of goal setting or thinking about, you know, what am I going to be focusing on the, this is going to actually help you get in the right space for that.

I realize is that a lot of information, definitely do come along. This is a very safe environment that I’m aiming to provide. It is closed off to people who haven’t RSVP’d – we’re not going to have any randoms dropping in and it’s all about giving you an opportunity to explore the experience and also to see how that might work for you going forward.

And so until then, take care and I hope to see you in one of our live sessions very soon (don’t forget to register)!

Discovery Sessions


Tues 26 Oct

8:00-9:00am AEST

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, Tapping)


Emotional Freedom technique uses words and pressure points to explore and release experiences and emotions that may be making our lives more difficult or less enjoyable.

In this guided EFT session we will tune into a resistance you have been experiencing, and work through with the aim of lessening that resistance and opening ourselves up for potential opportunities.

Please find yourself a space where you can be undisturbed, this practice is done standing up or sitting down.

Sat 6th Nov

10:00-11:00am AEST

Breath work


Breathwork is a great way to connect with the different facets of yourself – particularly the emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual. We have so much knowledge within us that we are unable to easily access through the busy-ness of our daily lives. Dedicating focus time to relax and open up to ourselves can make a significant difference in our ability to identify what is holding us back, and where we are resisting new things in our lives – and openning ourselves up to the possibility of so much more.

This activating Breathwork session is an opportunity for you to experience how the breath can help you to connect with your subconscious, and gain greater clarity around anything that is holding you back from living your life fully.

Please find yourself a quiet (preferably darkened or perhaps use an eye mask) space where you can lie down and be undisturbed for this practice.

Mon 15 Nov

1pm-2:30pm AEST

Visioning your coming year


Yes, it’s November, and the end of the year is fast approaching – what better time to start laying the foundations for a great year ahead by gaining some clarity through a visioning exercise!

We will also explore the Wheel of Consciousness as a great tool for gaining clarity on the parts of your life you would like to change.

A quiet space where you can be undisturbed is great – even if that is sitting in a park with your headphones on!

Fri 26 Nov

11:00-12:00pm AEST



This Breathwork session is an opportunity for you to experience how the breath can help you to connect with your subconscious, and gain greater clarity around anything that is holding you back from living your life fully. We will be combining with a Stream of Consciousness practice.

Please find yourself a quiet (preferably darkened or perhaps use an eye mask) space where you can lie down and be undisturbed for this practice.

Transformational Facilitator

Meet Tanya

Tanya Rutherford
Tanya Rutherford

Coach and Facilitator

Having started out in business and leadership coaching before moving into transformative life coaching, I bring a whole-of-life approach to everything I do. I mean, it just makes sense doesn’t it! Life is complex and multi-faceted, we can’t just leave parts of us in a different room because all parts are interconnected.

Having started my own transformative journey a few years ago, I can share that it is an ongoing process of discovery, mind-shifts, changes and renewal. There is always new things to discover, which is why having practices like those we cover here is so useful. In our sessions you can feel supported and safe – this is your time to explore and imagine.

Perhaps you are curious about the transformations I’ve made in my own life? I have previously moved country (and then come back); sold my house and moved from city (Melbourne) to a regional lifestyle (Queensland) – despite the fears of my friends;  moved rural (love having lots of critters); survived (and thrived) after redundancies; changed careers;  started my own business (plus another one); got married; had children…. and along the way discovered my life purpose (helping others to realise their potential and to bring out their best) and created a life which (most days at any rate) I love!

Transformations and a fulfilling life look and feel different for each of us. We all have different challenges in our lives at different times. Our journeys are different, luckily we can travel different parts of our journey together. You don’t need to do this on your own!

If you are ready to experiment, to explore, to discover – join us for these discovery sessions or if this isn’t your thing but you think coaching with me might be, sign up for an initial discussion via the link below.

I can’t wait to meet you and learn more about you!