Do you know the Single Biggest Barrier to your success?

Do you know the single biggest barrier to your success?

Yourself! Or more exactly your mindset, self talk and the resulting PROCRASTINATION!

Let’s Conquer This!


This worksheet is specifically designed to empower you to conquer those procrastination demons stopping you from achieving your goals and aspirations!

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Meet your host:


Hi, I’m Tanya. I’m here to share some of the things I’ve learned through 2 careers developing my own business, and raising a family – to overcome what’s holding you back.

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It’s inevitable that the things we enjoy doing, we do, and the things that perhaps are a little less fun, or perhaps exciting but daunting, we avoid.

Whether it’s through self-talk, reprioritising less important (perhaps “urgent”) tasks to the top of the pile, or maybe suddenly being inspired to do some cleaning up… procrastination is stopping you from really achieving at your top level!

And if it’s also keeping you from doing something bigger, better and that you will really enjoy (once you get there) – it’s time to conquer it!