About Tanya…

Coaching and Facilitating the Change you Seek

Hi, I’m Tanya.

I’m a mum, wife, sister, daughter, neighbour, friend, and of course a facilitator (leadership development) and a coach.

So tell me…

  • Where are you at in your journey?
  • What do you want to achieve in your life right now AND in the future?
  • What is holding you back?


I’m a huge believer in self-fulfilling prophecies. In other words – the power of our own self talk! And that as a result, only we truly hold the keys to our own success.

Which sometimes is just as well, and at other times … “Seriously, I have to sort this out myself!?!”

..And I totally get that. In recent times I’ve become SO much more aware of my own limiting beliefs and self talk…

“I have to change jobs to progress”

“What if no one buys it”

“What if someone does… and I’m no good”

“Having your own business isn’t a real ‘job’ – its just play-time.”

..and a more recent discovery of mine:

“I can’t make money from following my dreams. I have to keep my passions as hobbies, and work is about ‘making a living'”

What!! And yet I fully believe for others that they should be able to do what they love, earn money for it, AND feel validated in themselves for doing it!  So yes, I’m still learning everyday, and practicing what I “teach” – otherwise how can I be authentic in what I do.


Okay, enough rambling from me – I’d love to have a chat with you, particularly if you are interested in developing your business or progressing in your career.

Remember, I’m not a psychologist, a therapist of any sort, a financial advisor, a legal advisor, or an expert in the very individual and very unique world that is you. BUT I can help you feel more in control, more focused, and taking clear action to achieve your goals and aspirations.

Please email me or just fill in your contact details below to set up an initial (free, no obligation, etc) discovery conversation with me. I’m looking forward to learning more about YOU and what you’d like to achieve!