Why Human-Centered Design for team development?

Team training is usually targeted to a particular “skill” like communication, working together, or emotional intelligence…

All of which are necessary, but difficult to measure the impact they have overall, particularly if how we operate in the workplace doesn’t change.

Human-Centered Design on the other hand is a WAY of doing things, which also happens to require the development of those other skills along the way. It has the potential (if applied well) to enhance the relationships you have with your clients (internal or external) AND improve the effectiveness of whatever you produce.

Here are some examples – which outcome do you think would be likely to have the best impact on your business outcomes:

  1. An inhouse accounting process/program which was designed to be quick and easy for any staff member to enter and process their corporate card details, or
  2. An inhouse accounting process which was an online version of the paper process you used to have?

Human-Centered Design gives your team the permission to think beyond a standard response, to understand the customer (their needs, issues and challenges), use their expertise in create ways, and to design an outcome which not only addresses the issue, but builds relationships and can reduce the associated final costs (waste, solutions needing adjustments, etc).

Do you want your team to be more responsive to changing opportunities? HCD could be the way for you!