Mentoring for Success

One of the really great under-utilised resources in Queensland (and no doubt in other states) is the State Government’s Small Business support.

I am really blessed to be a Mentor in the Mentoring for Growth program, and it is exciting to meet with (or skype) some amazing business owners who have a vision beyond today. And of course, the tenacity and drive to seek out support and welcome feedback from others!

And such opportunities are not just for business owners – anyone can benefit from a Mentoring relationship.

In fact, there are some amazing opportunities for gaining a mentor in all sorts of industries, with many professional bodies even coordinating such programs among members. For myself, I have previously mentored through the CPA (Chartered Practicing Accountants), AIM (Australian Institute of Management, soon to become Institute of Management and Leadership) and also have the privilege of coordinating the Student Mentor program at CQUniversity.  I have also been Mentored myself (unofficially).

So What is Mentoring?

In short, it is about having a guide. Someone with whom you can share ideas, gain ideas and feedback, grow yourself through being open to discussions and new perceptions/ ideas. Someone from whom you can learn through their experiences… and who perhaps may give you a different perspective on an experience you have had. And finally, its about feeling supported and hopefully motivated – to keep growing, trying new things, learning and reflecting.

Mentoring for you?

So start with thinking about an element in your life that you’d like to grow. Can a Mentor help you? What kind of Mentor can help you progress from now to where you’d like to be? Is it one or a variety of Mentors that you would benefit from. And what can you offer them in return?


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