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Hi! I’m Tanya Rutherford.  

You have amazing potential – I’d love to help you harness that!

With expertise in Coaching, Facilitating, Strategic Program Design & a passion for Brain-based Learning…. the possibilities are endless!  

I work one-on-one with Mums looking for an alternative to just returning to an admin role; with mum-entrepreneurs looking to progress their business; and with new and emerging leaders to progress their careers to the next level.

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Want to get started on your future success but not sure if coaching is for you? 

During August Tanya is offering 20 pro-bono coaching hours!

That’s 2 free sessions for the 10 successful applicant! Click here to find out more!
Celebrating Mums!

Something cool is happening

I am so excited to be finalist for the AusMumPreneur (Australian Mum Entrepreneurs) 2018 Awards – in two categories! At the end of August, I’ll be pitching to be recognised in Queensland Business Excellence AND in B2B Service Excellence! How exciting!

Click Here to learn more about it!
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