Feeling frustrated and caught in the routine of life?

Feeling trapped looking after everyone else’s needs and expectations?

Yearning for more??

Are you ready for more freedom,  more enjoyment and to live a more fulfilling life?

Are you ready to step into your future self?

It’s easy to get stuck in our daily routine, and our daily selves. AND we are missing out on so much when we do that!

It’s time to step out of your NOW, and start shaping your future!

It’s time to start doing things YOUR WAY, and let go of what everyone keeps telling you that you SHOULD do instead. You are not them, and their way is not for you.

Are you ready to step into the person you want to be, and away from the person everyone tells you to be?

We regret in life the things we don’t do. The shifts we don’t make. The times we let fear  stop us from doing, and from being.

Let’s discover your future dreams and start to transform your life to be fulfilling and inspiring for you!

Sometimes we cannot see beyond where we are right now to step out of where we are and create a life that is fulfilling and aligned with our values, our higher beliefs and our full potential.

That’s why having a coach who really understands this can help you to discover that part of yourself.

Tanya Rutherford

Create your fulfilling life

12 week fortnightly coaching package

  • Zoom video sessions
  • Initial session is focused on discovering more about you – where you are, where you want to be, and how you want to feel – by the end of our coaching together
  • Approx 60-90 minute sessions
  • Focus on creating clarity and taking action to transform
  • Each session is designed specifically to support where you are, and what you need for you!
  • Additional support between sessions
  • $1870 AUD for 3 months of changing your life for the better!

Fast and furious breakthrough Coaching

One 2o minute session to get you unstuck or making that shift you need.

  • Zoom video session
  • Focus on creating change and building momentum
  • The session is designed specifically to support where you are, and what you need for you!
  • $66 AUD for that shift you need to get moving!

Tanya Rutherford,

Empowerment Coach and Social Entrepreneur

I believe that if you are ready to  change where you are, how you are showing up, and to start to create the impact you want to have – now is your time! The opportunities are waiting for you!

If you are looking to take action and create a life you love, and you are ready to make it happen – we should chat!

I’d love to help You discover and live a fulfilling life!

Coaching is an experience, a journey of discovery and transformation…

Have you been feeling frustrated? Stuck?

Not really in alignment with your sense of purpose in life (whatever that may be)?

It can be so easy to get caught up in the daily grind and end up feeling flat, dissatisfied and… missing something important.

I know what it’s like – and I don’t think there is an easy answer, and definitely NOT a one-size-fits-all. However, like anything that is important in life, given the right support and the tools we need – anything is possible!!

What is it you need help with? Is it building clarity in your purpose and direction, uncovering what is important for you, using your time and energy effectively, understanding what steps you need to focus on using your strengths and passions?

If going it alone is not working, and you are ready to take action to make some significant shifts then coaching with me may be just the approach you are after.

Coaching with me is not for you if:
  • You DONT believe that all folk regardless of their colour, race, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability, age or personal health are all important to the success of our businesses, communities and our sustainability as a species; or you believe that COVID is a conspiracy and steps to reduce the spread of this is an infringement of your rights…

We are just going to clash in our beliefs and values. I’m sure there is the perfect coach out there for you, it just isn’t me.

  • You are curious BUT not ready to take action and become the person you want to be.

We can still chat, I just don’t want to waste your time and money if you aren’t ready to change.

  • You are looking for an alternative to counseling/ therapy.

Whilst I do have a trauma informed lens in my coaching, I’m not qualified to unpack deep seated issues. If you are currently getting therapy and would like to add coaching alongside, we can talk about how I might fit as part of your support team.

  • You want a quick, easy outcome.

If it is easy, you don’t need a coach to support you in your discovery and transformation. I believe a deep and lasting transformative change happens progressively, over time. I’m here to support that journey.

How to start working with me:

If you are keen, this is how is all starts!

First, I am inviting you to set up an initial discovery conversation with me. This is a chance for us to chat and explore whether we are a good fit for each other, and  if I am best placed to help you with what you would like to achieve. It is a free conversation, and I ask that you commit yourself to attending and participating, much as you will throughout a (potential) coaching relationship with me.

Next (after the conversation), if we both agree to proceed, I will send you out a questionnaire to better understand where you are at, and what you are wanting to achieve in which aspects of your life. I will also send out an invoice and contract outlining expectations and requirements which will need to be signed and returned, along with payment for the program (or first installment). This marks the beginning of our coaching.

We then set up and have our first coaching session. In this session we will start to identify the key focus areas for our next three months working together. Don’t be surprised if your aspirations change as we progress through the next three months together, or if we focus on something seemingly different at times (if something unexpected and important comes up for you and you’d like to focus on that for a session).

We will then book in your following sessions. Ideally we will be meeting at the same day/time each fortnight. Between sessions you will have some actions that you will be working on. It is these ongoing steps that help the transformation actually happen. Much of it will be about awareness building – what do you notice about how you are feeling, what you are doing, that sort of thing. It is all about creating the changes in behaviour (and in our brains) to ensure that it will be lasting and actually leading to that more fulfilling life.

I’ll also be available between sessions if you need me.

What to expect, and what kind of methodologies do I use?

Each session will be between 60 and 90 minutes in duration, depending on how we are progressing (No pressure to suddenly finish and meet time).

The methodologies I use are solutions focused, and include visioning, breath-work, Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and perception triangle, among general coaching and a whole-of-self approach.

Don’t worry if any of these are new or a bit scary – I’ll always be checking in with you before we try anything (and if you are curious, you can ask more about each one when we meet).

What is your (the client's) investment?


  • You commit (within reason) to be ready to start each session on time and with a clear mind (I can help with strategies for that)
  • You commit to start (or continue) a daily gratitude/ reflection journal for the duration of our coaching relationship
  • You commit to dedicate at least half an hour immediately after each session – to plan out your actions for the fortnight, and set up the necessary time and strategies to ensure they happen


  • Our 12 week (fortnightly meetings) program is currently priced at $1,870 AUD (alternatively $1,500 USD if you prefer).
  • Payment plan is an option – please let me know if you need to discuss this during our discovery call


Ideas and inspiration are everywhere.

When do you feel really alive?

What holds you back from that?

“I was stuck. Unable to find a way forward and therefore the motivation to really bring my whole self to my work. Working with Tanya was awesome. She was energetic and passionate and that was infectious. She also could see through my excuses, calling me out on a few things and helping me set my bar higher. It was exactly the firm but friendly approach I needed. Also, a big part of my focus and energy is how she helped me find ways to confidently, authentically and genuinely promote myself.

After working with Tanya, I became much more focused and energised. It really helped me to be held to account. What I’ve noticed since then is that I have a much clearer sense of direction which has allowed me to make more strategic decisions. i.e. I turned down some work that was not in alignment, to deliberately create time for my private clients. As a result, I’ve seen existing clients ramp up their work with me, and have had discussions with a brand new, prestigious client which is so exciting.

Tanya, I can’t thank you enough for sharing your expertise with me. You have incredible skill at helping people find clarity in the complexity of being human. Anyone who is struggling to reach for the stars and find their way forward will benefit from being coaching by you. You are professional, warm and engaging as you help each person find their potential and act as their personal cheer squad as they smash their goals.”

Kate Smyth


When I started working with Tanya, I had just started a new job as a consultant. I was hoping to build more confidence in my ability. I was feeling uncertain and anxious about work.
When it came to coaching, I was a bit worried that it would be confrontational and that the coach wouldn’t completely understand, or I wouldn’t be able to explain properly. As it turns out, I had absolutely nothing to worry about. Tanya was easy to talk to and conversation flowed naturally.
Tanya was kind, empathetic and inspired me to think differently. I really enjoyed having some take outs at the end of each session, where I had something to work on and build upon. I felt relaxed, listened to and confident to undertake the suggestions we formed during the session.

We focused on the areas that I was struggling and talked about ways to approach things. I realised that I wasn’t too far off the mark with many of my concerns and that I just needed to take a slightly different approach. I felt comfort that my gut feeling was right and that sparked confidence in putting some approaches into action. At the end of the sprint I was exhausted with a sense of relief that I was on the right path.
Tanya is easy to talk to, gives good, sound and easy to follow advice that really made a difference.”

Catherine Brown


“Tanya’s experience in leadership, business and teaching – as well as her compassion, humour and coaching skills – make a powerful cocktail of coaching arsenal. Plus I know she understands how challenging the juggling act of motherhood, life and career can be from real-life personal experience. If I was looking to unleash my potential, advance my career or build my own business while still being a present and loving mum – I’d be booking in with Tanya quick smart!”

Naomi Arnold


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